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Discovering the Natural beauty of the Douro Valley

Updated: Jul 9

Suppose you're interested in learning more about the culture, traditions and unique experiences of the Douro region. In that case, we'll give you tips on the best places to visit and experiences to enjoy!

The wineries of Quinta do Seixo:

You can't miss the opportunity to visit the wineries and vineyards of Quinta do Seixo located in the Douro region.

The property has a beautiful landscape and its vineyards produce high-quality wines.

In addition, Quinta do Seixo also offers tours such as cruises, cultural tours and tastings for visitors wishing to savour Douro wines and learn about the region's traditions.

Quinta do Seixo
Quinta do Seixo


Taste wines at Quinta do Bomfim:

Quinta de Bomfim is known for its production of high-quality Port wine. You can taste its varieties on the terrace while enjoying the magnificent views of the Douro.

This Quinta belongs to the Symington family, which is now in its 5th generation, and is one of the most notable Port wine producers.

Visitors can take part in guided tours of the vineyards, winery, ageing cellars and also a museum that tells the story of the estate and the family.

Quinta do Bomfim
Quinta do Bomfim


Enjoy the rock paintings:

There is a huge variety of rock paintings present in the Côa Valley Archaeological Park, which is considered one of the most important preservers of outdoor rock art in the world.

In this park, you can see thousands of rock engravings from the Paleolithic period to the Bronze Age, depicting animals such as horses and goats.

The valley was discovered in 1994 while work was underway to build a dam on the river. With this discovery, it was decided to create the Archaeological Park to protect and preserve the wonderful historical heritage uncovered.

The park offers guided tours of archaeological sites such as Ribeira de Piscos and Canada do Inferno, allowing visitors to explore and appreciate the rock art that is present in this region.

Parque Arqueológico do Vale do Côa
Archaeological Park of Vale do Côa

Train trip along the Douro:

The train journey along the Douro line is a unique experience that you should do at least once in your life.

This route will allow you to enjoy the breathtaking scenery of the Douro River between the mountains.

During the ride, passengers can see the vineyards and the fascinating bridges and tunnels that represent this railway line.

At one of the stations, such as Pinhão, it is possible to stop and visit the local wineries, taste the wines and explore the surrounding towns and villages.

Viagem de comboio pelo Douro
Train trip along the Douro

Castle and Walled Town of Ansiães:

The Castle and Walled Village of Ansiães, located in the Trás-os-Montes region, were built in the Roman period to protect against Moorish attacks.

The site is considered a historical and cultural heritage site and is therefore classified as a National Monument.

Entry to Ansiães Castle is free. The two monuments are currently in ruins, but visitors can visit them and walk around the walls while enjoying a fantastic view.

This is a place of great historical feeling where visitors can learn a little more about the history of Portugal.


Castelo e Vila Muralhada de Ansiães
Castelo e Vila Muralhada de Ansiães


Lamego is one of the oldest cities in the Douro region.

The city is known for its historic architecture and monuments such as Lamego Cathedral and the Sanctuary of Nossa Senhora dos Remédios.

Lamego hosts various festivals and events such as the D. Afonso Henriques Medieval Fair. This event takes you on a journey back in time to medieval times.



We have some houses near the Douro Valley that are just right for you:

Alvims Douro
Alvims Douro

Homes Douro
Homes Douro

Douro LAS House
Douro LAS House

Douro Janja
Douro Janja


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