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Régua and the Douro: The Dream Trip

Updated: Jul 17, 2023

This article highlights the extraordinary advantages of experiencing the Douro on a luxury cruise. On board, you can explore the scenic beauty, cultural heritage, picturesque vineyards and welcoming atmosphere. A unique and memorable opportunity that can be completed with a stay in one of the villas or houses that the Douro has to offer.

Learn some advantages of getting to know the Douro during a 1-day cruise to Régua:

Douro Valley
Douro Valley

  • Renowned Winery Location

When you visit Régua, you will have the opportunity to enjoy an authentic paradise for wine lovers. The region is famous for the production of Port and Douro wine, internationally renowned for its qualities and unique flavour. While sailing along the banks of the Douro River you will be able to observe the magnificent vines and taste a beautiful menu of Port and Douro wines, a true nectar of the gods that can only be found in this region. In these experiences you will become a professional winemaker for a few hours, learning about the wine production process and understanding the importance and tradition of Douro winegrowing and you may also have the option to stay in a room with a private pool.


  • Breathtaking Landscapes

One of the main advantages of taking the Porto to Régua cruise and getting to know the Douro region is the opportunity to be enchanted by breathtaking landscapes while crossing the crystal clear waters of the Douro River. The vine-covered hills stretch as far as the eye can see. Take a luxury yacht cruise down the river to Régua, enjoying panoramic views. An image that lingers in the imagination and is worthy of being considered a National treasure. Imagine waking up in a villa in the Douro and seeing some beautiful sunbeams illuminating the Douro and diving into a swimming pool while contemplating the Douro River.

Infinity Pool
Infinity Pool

  • Cultural and Historical Heritage

Besides its natural beauty, Régua and the Douro Region are also rich in cultural and historical heritage. Explore the charms of this city with its picturesque streets and traditional buildings.

Visit the iconic Pinhão Railway Station, with its impressive tile panels telling the history of the region. Don't miss the opportunity to visit the old farms, with stories dating back several centuries and the rural mansions that bear witness to the wine-growing tradition and offer a fascinating glimpse into the past.

Douro View
Douro View

  • Delicious Cuisine

The Douro region is a true paradise for gastronomy lovers and before docking you could taste as an appetizer some beautiful Portuguese flavours. Savour traditional Portuguese dishes prepared with fresh and local ingredients, pairing them with high-quality regional wines. From the famous codfish to tempting desserts, such as the irresistible custard tarts and convent sweets, each meal will be a memorable experience for your palate.

An internationally recognised gastronomic adventure awaiting your cruise date.


A cruise from Porto to Régua and Douro is an invitation to explore a destination of unique beauty, cultural richness, enriching experiences and even the option to rest in a villa in the Douro to have more unexplainable memories.

As you get to know Régua, you will discover the charms of a region that offers a perfect combination of stunning nature and wine-making tradition.

Do not miss the opportunity to live the unique experiences that this destination provides.

Book a cruise date to taste wines, immerse yourself in history and marvel at the magnificent landscapes of the Douro Valley.

Your trip to Régua will be an unforgettable journey full of advantages that will be engraved in your memory forever.


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