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Swings in the Arouca region: a new way to enjoy the region's landscapes

Do you like exploring green places with panoramic views and places where you can take pictures of nature?

In the town of Arouca, you'll find several swings where you can enjoy unforgettable views.

In this article, we explore the different swings in the region to get to know and create memories with the people you love the most.

1.      Baloiço de Moldes

If you're looking for a swing with a panoramic view and a place to picnic... we have just the thing for you: the first swing located in the Merendas da Palma park in Arouca.

This swing offers a breathtaking view of the Moldes Valley where you can picnic with your friends or family and enjoy a wonderful sunset.

In this park, energies are renewed for a feeling of freedom and peace, and your children will have fun swinging and creating memories.

Near this incredible place, you'll find a hiking trail, the "Black Gold Route", just an 8-minute walk from the swing.

Marvel at the beauty of the Moldes Valley and be surprised by an unforgettable sunset.

Baloiço de Moldes
Baloiço de Moldes


2.      Baloiço de Santo Adrião

Are you looking for a calm environment where you can connect with nature?

The Baloiço de Santo Adrião, located in the municipality of Castelo de Paiva, is next to the parish church of São Miguel de Urrô and a chapel with Arabic features. The peaceful setting overlooking the Paiva Valley will heighten all your senses.

You can picnic, explore the lagoon of the unfinished Seixo Dam watch the panoramic view of the mountains and enjoy the sunset in a relaxing atmosphere, free from pollution and noise.

Enjoy this wonderful place, connect with nature and renew your thoughts.

Baloiço de Santo Adrião
Baloiço de Santo Adrião


3.      Baloiço de São Gens

The Baloiço de São Gens is located on Monte de São Gens, Castelo de Paiva, 10 minutes from the city centre and 50 minutes from Porto.

This is one of the largest wooden swings in Portugal and offers magnificent views of the River Douro. It also has a picnic area and near the swing, there is a river beach called Pedorido, known as Praia da Lomba, where you can take a dip and enjoy the warm days with the people you love.

Baloiço de São Gens
Baloiço de São Gens


4.      Baloiço de Manhouce

This swing situated in the Gralheira Massif is on an elevated spot with unique panoramic views of the Freita and Arada mountains. Between the mountains rises the Teixeira River, which shines among the green colours of nature with its blue water.

It's the perfect excuse to get to know Viseu better, take a stroll along the trails or lakes in that region and revive your childish side.

Baloiço de Manhouce
Baloiço de Manhouce

Casa da Pedra

Our Casa da Pedra, located in Arouca, offers an outdoor swimming pool with an outdoor dining area and a capacity for 10 people.

This house offers a breathtaking view of the mountains in a rural setting.

The Baloiço de Moldes is just a 3km drive from this property and is one of the points of interest to see if you stay at this villa.

Get ready to discover the best of the Arouca region with family or friends! If you would like to enjoy a getaway in one of our villas, check out the available properties here.

Create memories to last a lifetime with Feel Discovery!


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