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Where to stay in the Douro Valley

Updated: Jul 17, 2023

With summer approaching, it's time to take a break, start planning the long-awaited getaways and discover the most beautiful regions of Portugal.

For this reason, Feel Discovery shows you, in this article, 5 accommodation options in the Douro region, available in our portfolio. From Armamar, to Folgosa, passing through Resende, it will be difficult to choose.

With a welcoming and completely personalized look, Douro Janja will provide you with an unforgettable stay!

This private villa with pool is located in the center of Armamar, has 4 bedrooms and can accommodate up to 10 guests.

The privileged location will allow you to get to know Armamar, as well as its gastronomic culture.

A real manor house, hidden in Armamar. This property already has more than 400 years of history and is the ideal accommodation for a stay with family or a group of friends.

In addition to its 6 bedrooms, it is the extensive outdoor space that stands out.

Private pool with garden and a barbecue area, will make your vacation a restful and unforgettable retreat!

Can you imagine waking up and being treated to the magnificent views of the Douro River? This is possible on our Douro Cherry property.

Located in Resende, with a heated infinity pool and the capacity to accommodate up to 6 guests, this property exceeds the expectations of all those who visit it.

A different perspective of the Douro that combines luxury and comfort in a single villa.

Hidden in the typical terraces of the Douro Valley and also with breathtaking views of the river, is the Alvim’s Douro property.

This private villa with 3 bedrooms and pool, offers its guests the unique experience of getting to know the true essence of the Alto Douro Vinhateiro, since it was built in the middle of the vineyard, belonging to the owner.

Recognized by NIT, a Portuguese lifestyle magazine, as “one of the most requested accommodations in the Douro region”, Alvim’s Douro will not fail to surprise you.


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