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5 Viewpoints in Arouca that will leave you breathless

Updated: Mar 23, 2023

Arouca is a northern town in the Metropolitan Area of Porto, located in the district of Aveiro, known for its beautiful landscapes and lush nature. There are several viewpoints that offer stunning panoramic views of the region.

In Serra da Freita we find most of the Miradouros of the municipality of Arouca.

Get to know them all:

1. Senhora da Mó Viewpoint

It is located in Serra da Freita, 8 km from Arouca, at 711 meters of altitude and it is a magnificent place to appreciate places like the Freita and Arada mountains, ria de Aveiro, Paiva river and with luck, in clear days, the city of Porto.

Senhora da Mó Viewpoint
Senhora da Mó Viewpoint

2. Destelo da Malhada Viewpoint

Situated at an altitude of 1099 metres, this is a viewpoint with unmissable views, from the mountains to the sea.

This place is located in the Moldes region, and allows us to admire places such as the Gamarão mountains, the Paiva river valley, the Montemuro mountains, the Douro valley and the mountains from Valongo to Gerês.

 Destelo da Malhada Viewpoint
Destelo da Malhada Viewpoint

3. Viewpoints in Mizarela

In Mizarela there are two interesting points, its bridge and the waterfall, which can be observed from viewpoints: Miradouro da Ponte and Miradouro da Frecha.

The surrounding landscapes include the Freita mountain range, the Mizarela bridge built over the Caima river, the gorge, the Paiva river and the Frecha da Mizarela waterfall, one of the largest in Portugal.

Viewpoints in Mizarela
Viewpoints in Mizarela

4. São Pedro Velho viewpoint and geodesic vertex

Located at the top of the Montemuro Mountains, this viewpoint offers spectacular views of the Douro Valley.

São Pedro Velho viewpoint and geodesic vertex
São Pedro Velho viewpoint and geodesic vertex

After discovering this wide range of viewpoints in the Arouca region, there is no way of resisting these pearls of mountainous nature.

Don't miss the opportunity to spend quiet and relaxing days in the Arouca region, where you can go on trails with stops at the viewpoints to enjoy the landscape, have picnics or even take a relaxing break at sunset.

With the help of Feel Discovery exploring Arouca and the Paiva has never been so exciting. You can book your stay now so as not to miss any of these wonders!


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