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New Year's Eve in Arouca, Portugal

Updated: Dec 5, 2023

Thinking about ending 2023 in contact with nature? We give you 4 suggestions of activities in Arouca to enjoy an unforgettable New Year's Eve 2023 with your family and friends.

In addition to having two vacation rentals in the Arouca region, Feel Discovery has the support of some specialized partners who can help you plan activities where nature and the outdoors will be the main characters.

Get to know the 4 activities that you won't want to miss during your stay in Arouca for your New’s Year’s Eve in Portugal and let yourself be involved in the best kept secrets of what is known as the Magic Mountains region.

1. A walk along the Paiva Walkways

Considered the “Best Adventure Tourist Attraction in the World” for the fifth consecutive time, at the World Travel Awards, the Paiva Walkways are a must-seen for all those who wish to discover Arouca.

Along the 8 km that are part of this route, located on the banks of the Paiva River, it is possible to discover a “natural sanctuary”, completely untouched. A unique opportunity to be connected to nature, in its purest state.

2. Crossing the Suspension Bridge 516 Arouca

A different view of the Paiva River region. It’s the experience offered by the Suspension Bridge 516 Arouca, inserted in the Arouca Geopark. In addition to a privileged view of the Paiva Walkways, it is through it that you can find 2 of the 41 geosites in the region: the Cascata da Aguieiras and Garganta do Paiva.

Crossing the bridge is only guaranteed by prior appointment with a local guide.

3. Discover Arouca Geopark

Created in 2009 and with an estimated area of ​​328 km2, the Arouca Geopark has 41 Geosites, ready to be discovered. From Pedras Parideiras, to giant Trilobites, passing through the trace fossils of Cabanas Longas, there are several options for walking routes to get to know these geological treasures.

Through NaTourAway, one of our partners specializing in the Arouca region, it is possible to book different activity packages that include several points of interest in the Arouca Geopark.

4. Buggy Tours in Serra da Freita

In addition to the various pedestrian routes that can be done in this region, another fun and adventurous way to do it is the buggy rides in Serra da Freita.

A unique experience that will allow you to discover the “Magical Mountains” and their hidden trails.

Quinta do Couço – Nature Village, also our partner in the region, has several options for buggy routes such crossing the Moldes Valley and go to Sr. Da Mó, which can be combined with a visit to the Paiva Walkways and a visit to the suspended bridge 516 Arouca.

If you stay at our Casa da Pedra, the starting point of this activity begins precisely where this property is located, in Moldes Valley.


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